The program injects metadata to the equirectangular projections to make them panoramas for Google and Facebook. You just have to drag images on panoexif.bat file. Sometimes need to remove exif and XMP before injection (zeroexif.bat).

limitview.bat can be used for setting HFOV and VFOV limits as well as PTGui v.10+.

geotags.bat is for GEOtags injection.

GPSImgDirection.bat is for coping PoseHeadingDegrees values to GPSImgDirection which is used by krpano. Panoramas from spherical cameras with properly defined GPSImgDirection tags can be used to automaticaly align panaramas to true North. This value is used by Robostitcher or AutoGArrows for krpano and Panotour.


panoexif includes exifextractor. is a small tool wich creates template based output file. template can contain any patterns for EXIF tags which will be replaced with actual values in the output file. there are two examples. 1) use exifextractor-krpano-prealign.bat to create XML file for krpano virtual tours to automatically prealign panoramas (based on PosePitchDegrees, GPSImgDirection and PoseRollDegrees tags). it can be directly used in krpano droplets. 2) use exifextractor-csv-output.bat to cteate CSV table with filenames, GPS and Gyro data. you can use exifextractor for sorting, coping, moving, deleting images based on any EXIF tags and so on...

template for example:
mkdir "%filepath%\%EXIF:FocalLength35efl%"
move "%fullfilename%" "%filepath%\%EXIF:FocalLength35efl%"

can be used to create bat file to sort images by folders based on FocalLength35efl EXIF tag values

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