GArrows - Google street view navigation style plugin for krpano

Garrows plugin require krpano version 1.18 or above. Keepview is highly recommended. GArrows use Arrow plugin of Sergey Kruk for implementing "chevrons" arrows.

Information about GArrows plugin for Panotour can be found on this page.


Open example in new window (use right click to change and/or combine navigation styles)

How to install:

  1. create krpano tour (using MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat)
  2. create navigation hotspots using krpano tour_editor.html and save tour.xml file
  3. copy garrows folder into plugins folder
  4. replace skin_hotspotstyle with skin_hotspotstyle_navigate or/and with skin_hotspotstyle_navigate_vertical in tour.xml file
  5. add <include url="plugins/garrows/garrows.xml" /> before </krpano> at the end of tour.xml file
  6. done! open tour.html and enjoy

using skin_hotspotstyle_navigate_vertical will allow GArrows to use atv hotspots values to point vertical directions with chevrons

Settings (garrows.xml file):

  • show_floatingarrow - show or hide floating arrow
  • show_chevrons - show or hide chevrons
  • show_navpoints - show or hide navigation hotspots
  • floatingarrow_autohide - autohide floating arrow if no direction detected
  • floatingarrow_sens - floating arrow sensitivity in degrees around navigation hotspots
  • navpoints_putonground - put or don't navigation hotspots on the "ground"
  • navpoints_atv - if navpoints_putonground is true use atv value specified here for navigation hotspots
  • loadscene_blend - scenes blending method
  • show_contextmenu - show or hide GArrows context menu
  • keyboard_control - enable or disable keyboard control


  • show\hide floating arrow
    if(garrows_settings.show_floatingarrow, mousemove(), hidefloatingarrow(););
  • on\off floating arrow auto hide
  • show\hide chevrons
    if(garrows_settings.show_chevrons, addchevrons(), removechevrons(); );
  • show\hide navigation hotspots
    for(set(i,0), i LT hotspot.count, inc(i), copy(hs,hotspot[get(i)]);
    if ( == 'skin_hotspotstyle_navigate' OR == 'skin_hotspotstyle_navigate_vertical', switch(hotspot[get(i)].visible); ); );

Download GArrows for krpano

Download GArrows plugin for krpano from here. GArrows for krpano is distributed under GNU General Public License

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